Sherpa- The Proving Grounds
"Every 'student of life', plus those interested in multi-cultural studies, women's
studies and mountain climbing should see this film" - Metropolitan Theater,

By combining an inside look at the origins of Himalayan mountaineering with the
story of the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute 28-day women's course,
"Sherpa- The Proving Grounds" utilizes climbing legends such as Jim Whittaker
and Nawang Gombu Sherpa to tell an unconventional story. Already regarded as
controversial in many climbing circles, this film compels viewers to look at the
term "Mountaineer" closely. Weaved within the trials and tribulations of the
Sherpa tribe are the struggles and successes of the women, many of them
Sherpa, as they undertake the demanding training program. Some are there
simply to test their physical and mental capabilities while others strive to become
the backbone of modern-day high-altitude expeditions. For whatever reasons,
they all will find their own personal Summit.
Win Whittaker

Film Festivals:
Seattle International Film Festival, Maui Film Festival, Ashland Independent Film
Festival, Chugach Mountain Film Festival, Telluride Independent Film Festival

Format: DVD Running time: 72 minutes

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