Memoir of a Mountain Guide
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"Every 'student of life', plus those interested in
multi-cultural studies, women's studies and mountain
climbing should see this film" - Metropolitan Theater,

By combining an inside look at the origins of
Himalayan mountaineering with the story of the
Himalayan Mountaineering Institute 28-day women's
course, "Sherpa- The Proving Grounds" utilizes
climbing legends such as Jim Whittaker and Nawang
Gombu Sherpa to tell an unconventional story.
Already regarded as controversial in many climbing
circles, this film compels viewers to look at the term
"Mountaineer" closely....
read more and watch the
As the title says, this is the Memoir of a
Mountain Guide. Actually it is the
memoir of one of America's first and
greatest mountain guides. It is truly a
fascinating, well-written story but it is
not adventure writing. Do not expect
the detail or suspense of John
Krakauer, Art Davidson, Heinrich
Harrer, or Maurice Herzog. It reads
more like sitting down across the table
with Lou and having him tell you his
story over a couple of beers...
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Sherpa- The Proving Grounds